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The digital platform that supports you in achieving your next goal

Design your learning path starting with FLEXA's skills evaluation

Share your background and your career plan with your digital mentor. Analysing your hard, soft and digital skills, FLEXA will identify your current profile and the next steps you need to take to enhance your expertise. After six months of progress, you will be able to carry out a new assessment and reset your training pathway if necessary.

Skills Assessment - FLEXA
Digital learning - FLEXA

Acquire new knowledge in a time-efficient way

Every day, FLEXA selects the best content for your professional training. This is a profiled service which tops up your skills thanks to renowned, accredited sources, for ongoing training that fits in with your work schedule.

Build your professional success with a fully digital training solution

FLEXA offers up the best content selected by the lecturers at the Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management. A personalised plan designed around your goals, taking account of your skills gaps and the time you have available – perfect for fitting around your personal and business commitments.

Personalised learning - FLEXA
Skill evaluation - FLEXA

Discover top content to improve your business profile

Widen your knowledge of the topics that interest you the most, choosing from webinars, articles, and features. With FLEXA, accessing professional training solutions from prestigious accredited international sources is quick and easy.

Choose FLEXA to widen your professional network

Thanks to POLIMI GSoM’s AI, you can get in contact with selected professionals like you. Share your interests. Search for new contacts by name, job title or keyword and start building up your professional network.

Continuous learning - FLEXA

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