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Skills assessment

Design your training
path starting with
FLEXA's skill evaluation

Share your background and professional plan with FLEXA. From the analysis of your hard, soft and digital skills, the digital mentor identifies your current profile and the gaps that need to be filled to bring you closer to your goals. After six months of progress you can take a new assessment and reset-if you feel-your training path.

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Students - Daily Education Pills

Daily training pills

Gain new knowledge
in time friendly mode

Every day FLEXA selects the best content for your professional training. A profiled service of supplementing your skills through authoritative sources and accredited resources, for constant updating calibrated to the time available to you.

Customized training course

Build your
professional success
with full digital training

FLEXA offers you content selected by professors from the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. A customized plan designed on your goals, considering the skill gap and your time availability. Perfect for integrating with your personal and work commitments.

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Students - Profiled content search

Profiled content search

Discover top content to enhance
your professional profile

Broaden your knowledge on the topics that interest you most among webinars, articles, and insights. With FLEXA, access to serious educational offerings and prestigious international accredited sources is quick and easy.

Career Development & Job Search

Show companies
your professionalism

FLEXA is a showcase of excellence to make you visible, FLEXA is a showcase of excellence to make you visible, if you wish, to selected companies. Apply for open positions. Participate in company-sponsored business challenges and discover how to optimize your profile, acquiring new skills in line with the requirements of job openings.

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Challenge yourself on FLEXA

Challenge yourself and test your skills with some healthy competition. Challenge other users in the Challenges that FLEXA has designed for you.

Mentorship Opportunities

Apply for
POLIMI GSoM mentoring and enhance
your professional growth.

The POLIMI Graduate School of Management network is also a place to compare and share professional experiences. Request a senior mentor to join you or apply as a mentor and enhance your expertise. Flexa will identify the most compatible person for you.

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Students - A Start Up Tailored to You

A Start Up tailored to you

Find the ideal match for your
professional profile with FLEXA

Through partnerships with start-up incubators and prestigious industry networks, FLEXA selects the best companies for you to collaborate with. Search for the projects most closely aligned with your interests, and your digital mentor will suggest the perfect company for your future success.

Community & Networking

Choose FLEXA, your
privileged access to a network of future contacts

Join a community of selected professionals. Share your interests. Search for new contacts by name, job title or keyword and expand your professional network.

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